The AFM Forums Have Moved Here: Posting has been stopped on this forum: Please continue the discussion at Threshold. Thank you!

AFM Forum Moving

Hi Everyone, over the next few days, the AFM forum will be moving to the new Threshold Forums ( This should provide a better experience to everyone, the forum software being used to host the Threshold forum is leaps and bounds above the forum software we are using here. I am a Moderator at the new forum, so please let me know if you see features that should be added or changes that should be made. With the new forum, our time can can be dedicated to product development and support, not running and updating a forum.

Within the new forum, we have an individual club dedicated to AFM Support and Development:

We will not be migrating over content to the new forum, I will be going through this forum to take in all relevant details before this forum is taken down. When it is taken down, all private user data will be deleted and removed from our srevers. Content will be archived for a short period of time.

I look forward to seeing you all at our new forum! A lot of exciting news should be coming soon :)
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