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M20 Collection 3.0.0 RELEASE

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We are out of Early Access! What does this mean? This plane is ready for everyone. We will still continue updating it, but we feel that we have passed the stage where we need to brand the product as early access.

  • New Cabin 3D Model including sidewalls and seats
  • New 3D people in exterior views
  • Maintenance Manager including wear and random based failures, both of which can be disabled
  • Manipulators improved
  • VR Compatibility improved
  • Now On XPLM301 SDK, X-Plane 11.20+ Required
  • Support for Threshold Store
  • Removal of DDS textures to improve storage usage and increase reliability

Bug Fixes:
  • Menu Titles Fixed
  • Livery Icons Fixed
  • Engine CHT Simulation Fixed
  • Electrical Page button removed from Ovation 2

How to Install:
This is a massive update. This update requires manually removing the prior version due to changes in file structure. To make the update as easy as possible, reactivation will not be needed if you follow these installation instructions.
  1. Delete the following folders inside "X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM": "M20R Ovation II", "M20R Ovation III", M20TN Acclaim.
  2. Download the latest version from
  3. Install the "AFM" folder in "X-Plane 11/Aircraft" and overwrite when prompted
  4. Launch the aircraft! Reactivation will not be needed.


  • Simply amazing!  Well worth the wait.
  • Top notch AFM! 

    The v2.x were great but since then the AFM-team have managed to refine the interior graphics creating just the right feeling of a newer Mooney.'s all about the details if you are going for gold;  like the avionics that is easy to read from every usable angle and distance and the brightness of the announciators that are perfect balanced.

    Ok, let's sum up;  Graphics, system depth, flight model, Maintenance Manager, value for money.

    On a scale from one to five I rate the M20 Collection (3.0.0) to 5. 

    Preserve this concept (including system depth) for you coming projects! 



    (No - I have no connections to AFM what so ever. Just a keen simmer since the fist versions of MS FS who has converted to XP since v10. Truely enjoys GA, turbo prop and to fly according to AFM/POH  :D ). 

  • I am glad you are enjoying our aircraft so much! Thanks :)
  • edited July 2018
    Hi Coop,

    yes indeed, the Mooneys have grown up obviously. O.K., as someone, who keeps a close watch (automatically, without searching for mistakes deliberately) at the optical impression and accuracy I see the one or the other thing I would like to be changed.
    But apart from this it looks quite nice and the system depth, menu and especially the flight model are really awesome!!!
    Did you ever think of working together with Goran Matovina for the upcoming Citation or in general? Or with Daniela Rodriguez Careri, who did those awesome sounds for the Eclipse 550 and more or less the rest of the Aerobask fleet?

  • Well, we keep improving :)

    I am sure Goran has his hands full, but we recently started working with a new FMOD person, we will see where that goes, if not we may need to contact her ;)
  • Wow, very much worth the wait!!! Thank you for building such in-depth models of the real Mooney. I'm going to log a lot of hours with these beauties. Looking forward to purchasing more of your aircraft....especially looking forward to your business jets! Please keep up the great work.
  • @Coop1019

    The sound of the Eclipse is a masterpiece in my ears and thus a real benchmark. The Citation will presumably be worth this level of sound. Go for it!  :)
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